• Still keeping the server there in one corner of your office?
  • Afraid of losing connectivity?
  • Looking for a secure environment for your server?
  • Tussled with the storage of customer records?

The concerns can be many, but the answer is one. That is the Data Center. By accelerating the digital enterprise trend, data center maintains and upgrades the entire IT infrastructure up to date with the latest technologies. No matter if your data is growing quite exponentially and no matter if your company is an SME or MNC. ATCL scales your infrastructure in line with your needs.

Power Supply:

Our Data center ensures you all time security even at the time of those unexpected power cuts. The generators and the strong back up of batteries make it possible to have constant power supply.


ATCL keeps your server in a highly secured environment which is tougher even to break physically.

Constant Connectivity:

An issue with loss connectivity to the internet may cause you considerable loss of productivity. The multiple high bandwidths and the connectivity to the internet from geographically diversified locations of our data center ensure you that your connectivity is never going to be down.

Data Storage:

Year to year, there are colossal data to be stored and you need a perfect system to be scalable with. ATCL data center provides you the scalable storage space for the entire customer records.

Reduced Costs:

Accelerate the planning process and productivity with the most cost efficient data centers which brings your business the best infrastructure solutions.